Over the years, I have won thousands of dollars worth of prizes. I’ve won cash, gift cards, toys, bedding, kitchen appliances and was even on the radio to win a holiday to Greece (which I was close to winning).

You’re probably thinking I must be one of the ‘lucky’ people who win things all the time. Well, think again. I’m no lucky than you however I do have a secret.

My secret is, I joined a competition club years ago and have never looked back. The beauty of joining a competition club is its a website fully dedicated to competitions and winning freebies and prizes.

When I first joined Lottos.com I could never have imagined how the hobby of entering competitions would impact my life. Not only did I win thousands of dollars worth of prizes every year, but I also became more creative and innovative. Trying to come up with those 25 word or less answers forced me to think outside the box and they’re not as hard as you think.

Read on to see how you can win cash, cars, holidays and more!

How does a competition website work

  • Members post competitions from around Australia and the world including terms and conditions.
  • You can filter competitions by type (online, Facebook, SMS etc), prize money, closing date and popularity.
  • Pay a small fee or can be free depending on the website.
  • Track competitions you’ve entered and save others for later.
  • Members share information, tips and results.

Benefits of Joining a Competition Club

  • Saves time finding competitions to enter and working out the terms and conditions – the work is done for you.
  • Easy to enter with links, phone numbers and entry requirements displayed for each competition.
  • Can enter a high volume amount of competitions easily and efficiently.
  • Members share their stories and tips including winning answers for 25 word or less competitions.
  • Become more creative when crafting your 25 word or less answer.
  • Discover new products from store competitions.
  • Satisfaction and excitement of winning when you receive a winning email or prize in the mail.
  • By tracking the number of competitions you’ve entered and won you can get some interesting analytics and data too.

What’s the trick to winning prizes

In a nutshell, its a numbers game. The more you enter the more you win. Thinking positive and being helpful to other compers doesn’t hurt either.

Also, the ‘harder’ the competition the better the odds. So if you have to jump through hoops thats a good thing because a lot of people give up on those ones. The odds are in your favour.

Get creative. When answering a 25 word or less competition question make sure to answer the actual question, be clever, mention the product or promoter and stick to the rules. Tip: Poems and witty answers work well.

Finally, entering competitions can be a really fun hobby for the whole family so go on get comping and start winning!

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