Making Money is going to get you to your financial goals a lot faster than saving money will.

Controversial I know. And no, saving money is not a waste of time – it is an essential habit that everyone needs.

Saving anywhere you can is a skill and a must for anyone who wants to manage their hard-earned cash and increase their wealth.

Sometimes the budget just needs more cash flow coming in to make ends meet. Sometimes there is no fat to cut. Or maybe you just want to make that side hustle happen. There is nothing wrong with making a little side cash!

More cash means: more options + more opportunities + more freedom

Here is why you should focus on making more money:

Opportunities come knocking

Staying home and saving is all good however think of all the people you would meet if you had a couple of shifts on the weekend at your local bar or pub. What if you started a blog and connected with other bloggers and started a business together. The do-ers and go-getters seek and seize opportunities when they see them however you cant see them if you’re home. The more you try, the more opportunities come knocking.

Dont put all your eggs in one basket

Having a second or third stream of income is your back-up if something happens. You might lose your job or have your hours reduced or you might just hate your job and want to leave it. Either way have an exit plan, back up plan and a plan B too. Never rely on one source of income and don’t put all your eggs in one basket because you never know when that basket might get snatched away.

Fastrack your goals

Having more cash to put towards your repayments of credit cards and debts is going to get you debt-free in no time. Paying down debt with extra cash will save you interest and fees in the long term and get to your financial goals like a Speedy Gonzalez. Plus topping up your emergency fund with leftover funds will secure your future even more.

Of course, there is a healthy balance between saving and creating. You should be saving. You should be creating too and growing so go on get out there and make some money.

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