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Blogging is an amazing hobby. Not only do you get to be creative and get your ideas out into the world but you can make money doing it too! 

Here’s how blogging can be your financial savour and help you, no matter what your financial mess may be:

  • Writing relieves stress. Blogging about your worries, problems and fears about your situation will instantly make you feel better and less stressed. By processing your thoughts and emotions through your words, things start to become clearer and your mind will start to find solutions. Writing releases your burdens one by one. 
  • You’ll become more creative. By unleashing the toxic stress and worry that was blocking you, a wave of creativity will come flooding out. Ideas for blog posts will come to you with quirky titles and one-liners you never thought you could come up with plus your mind with think of creative solutions to help your situation. 
  • Accomplishment. I thought about starting a blog for 3 years before I actually did it and the accomplishment of setting everything up myself including the domain and choosing a theme and the thrill of the first blog post, it is exhilarating. The sense of accomplishment you get is like no other. 
  • Connecting with people. When you start blogging will be surprised how many people will resonate with your situation and want to cheer you on. You might actually help just one person out there in the world who’s going through something similar and all of a sudden things have a different perspective. 
  • You’ll develop a thicker skin. Occasionally you will get the odd person who will make a not so nice comment but the great thing about it is you will develop a thicker skin because the more you blog the more confident you become. 
  • Life rewards the doers in this life. By blogging you will have become a doer. You’re working things out in this life. You’re not perfect but you’re doing something about it and that is more than the average person can say.
  • You can make money blogging. After building a small audience and email list you can slowly recommend products where you can earn a small commission. And when your blog starts to really get the traction you can earn money through advertising and sponsored posts. The sky is the limit with blogging. 
  • You can learn as you go along. If you’re writing a blog you will also be reading a lot of blogs. You’ll need to research and educate yourself on many topics and the great thing about it is you can take your audience on your journey with you.

There are so many rewarding benefits of blogging and it can be a great money-making hobby too.

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